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Many of our books can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Our Town Books,  and also from the authors.

 So, this is your first book...


Writing a book can be overwhelming at times. Where do you start? Looking at a blank computer screen can be daunting. We always tell authors to start with the first thought or idea and go from there. Don't worry about the beginning; that will come later. Let the book flow. When you are done then you can go back and rearrange. Also, don't worry about spelling, punctuation, ect. That is the editors job.

Your Book Is Done, Now What?

Your job has just begun. A book is like planting a seed and watching it grow. You have to water it, keep the weeds away, ect. A book is the same. After it is printed the work begins. It must be watered (promoting it), keep the weeds away (no discouragement if everyone doesn't think it is the next best seller), telling everyone about it through various avenues and finding all the free ways to advertise and do book signings.

We Can Help

We do not buy manuscripts or work on royalty bases. The author does pay for the book printing and any advertising done. We do like to help the author begin the journey by offering suggestions for book signings and getting free publicity. The important part is to get your name known. The more people you meet; the more books you will sell. Begin to tell people about your book while you are writing. Get the interest going. 

The Cover Is Very Important

The cover will help sell your book. It will initially draw a reader in for a closer look. Then they turn it over and read the back. The back content is the selling point. It is the most important part of marketing. You have 30 seconds to hook the reader before they pass it over.

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Truth Book Publishers

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What We Can Do!

Have a Book?


Are you in the process of writing the next best seller? Let us help you walk you through the process step by step from the beginning to the end, including ideas on marketing.  We have a well trained staff for editing,  cover design and formatting. Everything needed to make a professional looking book. 

It's Your Book!


 We help each individual author bring their dream to fruition of seeing their book published. It's your book and you know how you want it to look. We understand how important your book is to you and we treat each book with that in mind.



After the book is published, then what? Let us help you market your book with material needed for promotions, trade shows, books signings, ect. There are many things to do once your book is on the market. You have only begun the adventure of being an author. 


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