Truth Book Publishers


Truth Book Publisher began in 1991 with a pen, paper and cassette player transcribing teaching tapes. It has developed into a full publishing and printing company today. The purpose of the website is to help faith base authors to be able to publish what God has given them to share with the body of Christ at a reasonable price. We do not just print books; we take your book from the initial idea to the store. Our services include editorial, graphic design services, printing and marketing material. Our goal is to offer publishing for everyone. We strive to maintain good quality work and materials.

We are ministers as well, and have ministered and established churches in various parts of the world. Because of this we see the need for God-centered printed material to help the body of Christ. We understand the needs and pressure put upon us at times. Our vision is to help those fulfill their calling and vision. If you want your Christian book publish and printed call or email Truth Book Publisher today!  



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